Carara - Overdrive Remix Ep (Carmarage)

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Carara - Overdrive Remix Ep (Carmarage)

Příspěvek od carmaragerecords » 09 čer 2012 15:17

Release: Carara - Overdrive Remix Ep
Label: Carmarage Records
Style: Techno
Format: mp3, wav
Releasedate: 04 June 2012


1) Overdrive 2012 (2012 live cut) - (7:42) 137 BPM
2) Overdrive (Raftek remix) - (6:51) 140 BPM
3) Overdrive (E La Luna remix) - (7:26) 138 BPM
4) Overdrive (Godai remix) - (7:13) 133 BPM
5) Overdrive (Datamatrix remix) - (5:58) 135 BPM
6) Overdrive (Overdrive part 2) - (8:25) 141 BPM

release you can listen and buy on Beatport and on all known stores

some feedbacks and support for release from:

D'FunK - Elektek Underscore Capsula Elektrax - „Nice track and remixes, Overdrive 2012 (Live Cut) will use in my Dub Junk sets and Overdrive (Datamatrix Remix) will be using in my D'FunK sets ;)

Markus Schulz - „Thanks so much!”

Tex-rec - „Great release. Will give a try, Thanks. Warm regards Tex-Rec”

Daz Furey - „Great driving full force techno. Wiiicked. Full Support from Daz Furey & Fnoob Techno crew.”

Laurent N. - „Nice Techno release. With 2 favorite versions for me : Live Cut & Datamatrix rmx. Will play & FULL SUPPORT !!!”

Lilonee - „Will use Raftek Remix!”

Electrorites - „Great! Thanks for the promo!”

Israel Toledo - „Overdrive 2012 (Live Cut) - for me, great EP, thanx”

Patrick Dsp - „nice stuff. ”

Beton Podcast - „thanks, will test datamatrix mix.”

Veztax - „Great release. Will play .. Thx”

Filipe Barbosa - „Strong Release!! I like all remixes! Live Cut is too much!! Thanks for promo! Filipe Barbosa”

Recis - „godai & datamatrix remixes wins here for me. raftek remix also sounds interesting. will play.. dj recis / last joint records”

Destroyer - „Very good and usefull techno tools.”

Darkmode - „I'm spolit for choice with release as some of the remixes are amazing proper full on Techno full support from me”

DJ Kaffu - „Carara Overdrive (Datamatrix Remix),Nice remix”

release you can listen and buy on all known stores, example: